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Quality Policy

To continually improve and fully satisfy customer expectation by supplying consistently reliable products in time every time. As a group we are fully concerned about the safety and welfare of our employees and we take it as our responsibility and commitment for the continuous over all improvement in the group’s operations.

Industries we Serve

Our products find wide utilization in many industries. Due to their superior quality and their pure ingredients, our herbal extracts are much in demand with industries related to:

  • Herbal & Herbal products
  • Ayurveda
  • Herbal extract
  • Herbal essential oils
  • Cosmetics liq ext
  • Soft extract
  • Carrier oils




Our products can be customized completely to suit the particular requirements of our clients. A pilot plant has been commissioned to produce high value specialized products as per the specifications provided by our clients. We are capable of adapting our processes to produce products that are compliant with requirements of our clients. Our effort is directed towards manufacturing and supplying superior quality products that are of international standards and our clients obtain the maximum benefit of our consistent quality.

​For our products to be utilized in various processes by various industries they need to be available in certain potencies and mixed with certain media, which we are more than capable of providing thus giving our clients customized solutions for their requirements.

Our Values
  • Respect for human dignity
  • Demonstration of equity in all actions
  • Creating a learning organization
  • Ethics and Integrity



Our Beliefs


  • Customer satisfaction is the basic of all activities
  • Quality is the concern of each employee