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We manufacture and supply an exhaustive range of herbal extracts, dry extracts, essential oils, Carrier oil s, Cosmetic liquid ext, soft ext, Our extraction process extorts the essence from the herbs in the purest form and retains the efficacy of the active ingredient to the highest degree.

The products we supply are all derived from organically grown herbs, there fore there is no contamination by way of harmful chemicals leaching into our herbs. They are an alternative way to a healthier life and an eco-friendly option to harsh cosmetic chemicals.

We constantly strive to enhance and improve our products through ongoing research and development. Rigorous testing of the raw materials is undertaken at our hi-tech lab to ensure that only the best quality herbs and additives are being utilized for production. The special features of our products can be categorized as:

  • Pure and natural
  • Organic
  • Healthy option
  • Use pure water
  • Standardized extract accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis
  • Ready to use easy to store, carry, handle and formulate


Unlike raw herbs our products are free from contaminants and foreign matter. Due to their pure quality they have an extended shelf life and if stored correctly can last up to 3-5 years.

We have four type of product categories as follows:



Dry Extract Oils Soluble Liquid Extract Cosmetic Complex