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Ayush Herbal & Healthcare, Situated at Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh (India) based company specializes in promoting well-being of people by providing them with original and pure Herbal Products like Essential Oils and Dry Herbal Extracts. We have a very competent team of professionals who strive to improve the quality of products and enhance the range of products, through continuous research and development. We have an advance laboratory where organically grown herbs and plants are tested before using. Before processing, we make sure that the premises and machines are cleaned properly and during processing, we make sure that our herbal offerings are free from contaminants.

Our Sister Concerns as below:

1. Shree Ram Herbals Enterprises GSTIN : 02CGSPM5150R1ZR

2. Siya Ram Herbs Life Science GSTIN : 02ADHFS7184H1ZW

3. Allpure organics GSTIN : 07ATRPN1410D1ZY

4. Extroil Naturals GSTIN : 24APNPD6144A1ZD

Why Us

Ayush Herbal And Health Care is a major Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Phytochemicals and Herbal Extracts in the country. The company has provided solutions for problems like stress, low immunity, cholesterol problem, brain-related problems, weight loss and anti-aging and covers other spheres like sports nutrition, pet products and life extension as well

The company is equipped with the latest analytical instruments and offers competitive pricing of the Herbal Extract with rapid implementation of projects. The honesty and transparency of the company, as well as its quality oriented approach has made it a popular entity all across the globe.